Hi I'm AnnieMae and I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. Army S/O. My husband means everything to me. Recently diagnosed with Endometriosis. Just trying to learn how to survive.



I use to think all those love story’s in movies and books were just fiction but my best friend and her husband showed me they are real. There is a such thing as soul mates. Someday I hope to find someone and have at least half the love and happiness as these two. This is true love.

I’ve always wanted to be “that couple” that gives other people hope for relationships. I am so happy my best friend captured our See You Later. ❤️
I love him so stinkin much.


Y’know people say shit about social media along the lines of ‘OMG no one cares what anyone had for breakfast’ and like.

I do? I care. I’m pretty sure a lot of people care. I want to hear that the people I care about are having delicious breakfasts or saw something odd at work or flirted with a cute barista. Or just any little thoughts they have that they feel are worth sharing.

I’ve always kind of assumed that’s how you’re supposed to feel about your friends.

Next person to take advantage of the fact I can’t say no to helping people, is getting punched in the face.





yo gettin married at 22 sounds a lot like leavin a party at 9:30 pm

yeah but you get to leave the party with your favorite person on the planet, and take off all of your makeup, and put on your ugly comfortable clothes and make popcorn and curl up in your bed and watch a movie, and have sex and go to sleep, idk how that sounds like a bad thing.

And everyone else just wakes up alone and hungover.

this is the best thing ive ever heard

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